the ilkeliani guides


The staff at ilkeliani Camp have been primarily hired from the surrounding villages and educated in the art of hospitality and service. Most of the staff have at a minimum primary school education however depending on their position often hold higher level education degrees. Many of the staff have been at the camp for a number of years and speak a variety of languages including English, Kiswahili and their local tribal.
We work with the locals
We employ local Maasai driver-guides, trained to a high standard. They have grown up in the area and have an instinctive talent for spotting game and natural ability to read animal spoor, as well as signs of an impending natural event, be it a river crossing or a predator kill.

The guides will be also be happy to share their cultural background with you, and may even take you outside the reserve to visit their Maasai homesteads, depending on your day's game viewing schedule.

Cultural Experience
Those guests who are interested in cultural visits should ideally book extra time at Ilkeliani to fully enjoy this unique opportunity.

Your day will be planned by your driver-guide, who is in the best position to know where the animals are that day, including where the last crossings were made, whether there are new resident lions in the area or nomad lions passing through. Working in the area they love and know so intimately, they are the experts.

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